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SCE-MI 2.4 is a minor release that tightened up some language and formatting in the document. The SCE-MI function-based interface allows a subset of the SystemVerilog DPI to be used. In the past, the standard has fully supported functions, but in this release, it is extended to include zero time consuming tasks. Also in this release a new capability allows the HVL-side application to stop a simulation. This is done by adding the appropriate VPI calls to the supported list.

The direct memory interface (DMI) has been extended to add several functions. These include the addition of a byte-aligned interface, a file I/O capability and the addition of functions for loading patterns into, or clearing, the memory. The semantics associated with the prefetch of the word interface for the DMI was clarified and some minor bugs were fixed.

SCE-MI was developed by the Interface Working Group. More revision history can be found there.

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Current Release

ItemDownloadDate Modified
SCE-MI 2.4 Standard Co-Emulation Modeling Interface 2016-12-06

Previous Releases

ItemDownloadDate Modified
SCE-MI 2.3 Standard Co-Emulation Modeling Interface 2015-06-18
SCE-MI 2.2 Standard Co-Emulation Modeling Interface 2014-01-20
SCE-MI 2.1 Standard Co-Emulation Modeling Interface 2011-01-21
SCE-MI 2.0 Standard Co-Emulation Modeling Interface 2007-03-22