Multi-Language (ML) Working Group


To create a standard and functional reference for interoperability of multi-language verification environments and components.

Chair: Warren Stapleton, AMD


The working group will be responsible for gathering requirements and developing an open source proof-of-concept ready for the purpose of creating a standards-based approach to combining verification environments that have been developed in different languages/frameworks.


A standard in this area is important to enable the introduction of the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) concepts in other sophisticated environments and languages that either come from legacy projects or have been developed with other frameworks for beneficial reasons.

Join this Working Group

If you are an employee of an Accellera member company and wish to participate in this working group, please create an account in the Accellera Workspace. Once you are logged in to the Workspace, select "View Workgroups", select Multi-Language Working Group, and click the Join button.